Peer Review Process

The author submits the manuscript through the online journal system. The editor-in-chief conducts an initial review according to health echo standards. The appropriate manuscript will be assigned to the appropriate editor in the field of knowledge for further processing. Manuscripts deemed inappropriate will be rejected.

The editor will check the completeness of the manuscript. The completeness of the manuscript in question is in the form of adherence to the journal template, several references, writing errors, and potential for plagiarism. Manuscripts that meet the eligibility review will be forwarded to the reviewer team through a double-blind process. However, manuscripts that are deemed necessary to be corrected will be returned to the author for completion.

After 4 weeks of the reviewer's assessment process, the editor will pass it on to the author. Furthermore, the author makes improvements according to the reviewer's comments. For manuscripts that get minor revisions, authors are asked to submit manuscripts following the improvements. Manuscripts that receive major revisions will be followed by a second round of peer review. Manuscripts that have been corrected by the author, then the editor will pass them on to the production department for editing, proofreading and layout. The final manuscript is then published every last day of June and December.